PK King S708 Poker Analyzer For Cards Trick

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Brand:PK King S708
Color:Black / White
Scanning Distance:10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30cm-40cm
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Games / Magic Shows
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Poker Analyzer is used to predict the outcome of poker games and is constantly updated with new types, just like ordinary mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei (WAHWAY), MI-ONE Plus, etc. should start. Meeting customer needs The PK King series of poker hand analyzers have also been improved and the PK King S708 poker analyzer software is their latest model.

Features of PK King S708 Poker Analyzer System
1. Poker Analyzer has a built-in poker camera scanner with a long scanning distance

Before the PK King S708 poker hand analysis system appeared, if a scanner was required to scan cards with barcode marks at a long distance, it was necessary to customize an external poker camera to help, and there was only one PK King S708 poker hand analysis system. OK, built-in dual barcode poker scanner, the scanning range is 20cm-80cm, the scanning range is large, no card analysis equipment can have such a large scanning range!

2. Poker Hand Analyzer can handle 5 different poker games on one device.

If you have used Texas Hold’em or Omaha scanner systems, one poker analyzer software can support up to 3 different poker games, and the PK King S708 can support 5 card games! Almost double that of a poker game!

3. Multiple result prompt functions of Trump Analyzer
The vibrator is connected to the PK King S708 with Bluetooth function. After the connection, if the third vibrator and the fourth vibrator are both vibrating during the game, the third hand is the highest winning card, and the fourth hand is Second winning medal card.
As shown, there is a time mode and an eye meter, showing the results for different numbers. For cards, the first hand follows. PK King S708 Iwatch can also indicate the result by vibration.
PK King S708 Poker Analyzer can be used with normal mini earphones and 1-to-1 bluetooth mini earphones to use these functions, you can secretly hear the voice of poker winners without doing anything You can raise or lower the volume and set the surface on the software.

4. Other basic functions of Poker Odds Calculator
Remote Control: Whether you want to turn the poker camera on or off, or change the number of players in the game, just press the remote and you can set everything according to your needs.
With phone function, SIM card, you can use the PK King S708 poker winner predictor to make calls or send messages as a normal phone.
Wi-Fi function Turn on the Wi-Fi function and connect, you can use the PK King S708 poker analyzer to surf the Internet just like making a phone call.
Rechargeable When your PK King S708 is about to run out of power, you can use the USB data cable to charge it or replace the spare battery.

A set of PK King S708 poker hand analyzer system includes:

PK King S708 Poker Analyzer.
remote control
I understand
1 mini earphone
2 rechargeable batteries

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