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We provide customers with professional poker cheating equipment, including poker analyzers, poker cameras, marked cards, ultraviolet poker cheating glasses, magic dice.

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Poker Analyzer Devices

With a custom-made poker analyzer, your competition won’t detect a thing! The superior range of specially designed poker card analyzers in our online shop provides players with a subtle cheating strategy at a reasonable price. Whether you’re after a device you can sneak into your pocket, a barcode poker analyzer or even a Texas Holdem analyzer for your brand new iPhone – we’ve got all your needs sorted. Our featured top-range poker cards analyzers are capable of great distances in the range of 20-40cm.

About Us

                                               How We Began
Our marked cards factory was founded in 2002, with about two decades’ history in studying invisible ink products. Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China, producing and supplying invisible marked cards kit products to other countries all over the world. Here we welcome all customers to come to test our products. And if any inconvenience to come, people can just visit, which is one of our sites to link the amazing products to our customers.