CVK 600 Poker Cheating Device Playing Cards Analyzer

Items:CVK Barcode Scanner Analyzer

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Scanning Distance10-20cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick Shows / Magic Show
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The newest CVK Poker Analyzer CVK 600 Poker Hand Analyzer is launched here at the best price. Unlike previous versions that looked like Samsung phones, the CVK 600 Poker Analyzer is an iPhone Poker Analyzer (iPhone 8 Plus). .

CVK 600 Poker Odds Calculator System Requirements

Light plays an important role when playing card scanning systems scan and calculate game outcomes. However, the CVK 600 Poker Analyzer device works in sunlight and low light environments. The iPhone 8 Plus Poker Predictor has a built-in personalized scanning camera designed with a unique beam of light that detects barcode markings and scent dimming in invisible ink.

Another feature of CVK600 Poker Analyzer iPhone is that it works stably even when shaken violently and acts as a poker analyzer to accurately check your bets.

Poker Analyzer iPhone 8 Sophisticated Design

CVK 600 is exquisite both in appearance and interior design. The built-in poker camera lens is suitable for a wide range of 3D scanning. The distance is 25-55cm, 41cm from right to left, 20cm vertically, we have hundreds of card game programs in our game library, such as Cap Texas Hold’em game, Omaha game, India Flash game, Ronda game, Baccarat Games, you are free to choose.

Compatible Accessories for CVK Poker Analyzer Devices
The CVK 600 Poker Analyzer software can be used with various poker scanner cameras such as power bank poker scanners, writer poker scanners, chip tray barcode reader cameras and various Omaha scanner frequencies.
The CVK 600 Texas Hold’em Scanner System can read all brands of barcode markings on the code table, even if they are jumbled. HD Image Recognition Playing card scanning cameras can easily identify the signal and transmit it to a data analysis program.
The CVK 600 cheating ace analyzer can be connected to both ordinary mini earphones and 1-to-1 bluetooth earphones to receive the best winners.

The CVK 600 Poker Analyzer iPhone Bundle Includes:

iPhone 8 Plus (CVK 600) Trump scanning system
remote control
mini earphones

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