TNK iPhone XS scanner analyzer

Items:Texas Scanning System


Color:Black & white

Material: Plastic and metal

Scanning Distance:20-30cm, 30-40cm

Shipping:send within 2 business days

Delivery Time:3-5 business days

Application:Poker Games & Blackjack Games & Magic Shows

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TNK iPhone XS is the new cover of poker hand scan analyzer smartphone in 2020.

The speed of technology, the height of innovation, and the upgrading of iPhone mobile phones have contributed to the birth of TNK iPhone XS scanner. Its appearance can better help poker players.

When you choose a poker scanner, do you have concerns about the appearance, safety and efficiency of the scanner? The new TNK iPhone XS scanner is your best choice.

TNK iPhone XS is small and light, and the TNK scanner is based on it, which is highly portable. The basic functions of the iPhone XS scanner are the same as those of ordinary mobile phones. Inside is a small camera that reads the barcode markings on the card very quickly. The mini-headphones play key results based on the data received. It has better recognition ability and faster broadcasting speed compared to other scan analyzers.

The maximum scanning distance of TNK iPhone XS scanner is 20-30cm, 25-35cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm. We provide black and white iPhone XS scanners to our customers. Scanning distance and color can be customized. You can rest assured that it looks like the real iPhone XS, will always deceive the public eye, and has superior security.

When you purchase our TNK iPhone XS Scanner Analyzer, you will be equipped with TNK’s One-to-One Digital Earbuds.

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