Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz marked playing cards

Items:Piatnik marked playing cards

Color:Red / Blue
Marking:UV / IR / Barcode
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Cheating / Card Game Playing
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Everyone likes to play games, games bring us joy and relaxation. The game of poker is probably the most popular game in the world with young and old.

When you think of playing poker in Austria or anywhere else in the world, Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz comes to mind.

Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz. Bild, No. 182419 Poker Cards are a standard size playing card with the usual graphics on the back and each card has a white border, Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz. Bild, No. 182419 Poker Cards Each deck is sealed . Comes in plastic packaging inside the box.

The special feature of these cards we sell is that they are invisible marker cards, which are different from normal cards. Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz. Bild, No.182419 Marking cards are only disliked when wearing special contact lenses or sunglasses.

These popular playing cards can be used in many places and can be used in casinos, private parties, weekend get-togethers and magic shows. So if you’re looking for a marked pack of playing cards, this is a great choice.

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