Bee Standard Index Playing Cards with Card Marking

Items:Bee luminous marked cards

Color: red, blue

Size: poker size (63*88mm)

Material: plastic coated paper material

Contents: 52 cards+2 jokers+1 guarantee card

Application: poker trick, magic show, home entertainment

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Bee is a casino brand known for its quality and has been manufactured since 1892. The Ace of Spades has 92 numbers, and Bee’s standard index playing cards feature the typical diamond-rimmed back design.

Unlike cards marked with invisible ink, we process Bee Standard Index playing cards using traditional visible methods, with five main methods of visible marking: Dots, Bars and Long or Short Lines, Pictograms and Colors.

Take the strips as an example, the strips are suitable for ordinary diamond-shaped backs, and the thickness of the original strips can be changed. Some thick strips in different places represent different numbers, and suits can also be viewed in this way. Although the markers are visible, they are very small. Other players will not be able to spot these markings unless they carefully examine every inch of the card marked Bee Standard Index. No. You can confidently apply Bee Standard Index cheating hands to your poker game.

If you don’t want to use these marking methods, you can customize your own Visible Bee Standard Index Mark Card Poker.

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