Faisan Spanish Marked Poker Cards with Invisible Ink Markings

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Origin Faisan Spanish playing cards are produced by a Mexican company, however, they are cards related to Spain. They come in four suits, and a deck usually consists of 40 or 48 cards. They have a strong similarity to the decks that apply to Italy and less to the decks that apply to France. , and used in the Philippines.
Faisan Spanish Marked Playing Cards with Invisible Ink Markings was created by GS Corporation which has over 10 years history in the manufacture of fraudulent poker items. Authentic Faisan Spanish Poker Decks use, skilled poker players add some invisible ink card markings that can be numbered on the back of the poker. , so luminous readers, like contact lenses on marker cards, have to read them.
Faisan Spanish cheating playing cards with invisible ink markers are great for both poker players and magicians.

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