Da Vinci Cheating Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

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Brand:Da Vinci


Color:Red & Blue, Brown & Green

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size / Bridge Size

Face:2PIP Regular Index / Jumbo Index

Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing, Friends Gathering

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Due to its special backing and material, Da Vinci playing cards are suitable for marking with contact lens ink, and are often used for show and poker cheating.

Da Vinci’s playing cards are made in Italy and are all 100% plastic, but with a different graphic on the back.

Here we have put special ink markers on all original playing cards to ensure the high quality of marked decks and the safety of users who want to enjoy poker games with this invisible ink marked cards. , providing poker and bridge sizes. There are jumbo index or regular index. Also, for the back pattern, each model of da Vinci playing cards has several different back patterns, so you can check with the correct photo to get the correct card. Increase.


How to mark Da Vinci’s playing cards with invisible ink?

In general, you can mark Da Vinci as an invisible cheat in the following ways, but choose the one that works best for your game.

First, the back of the da Vinci brand can have luminous ink markings for infrared contact lenses, you can choose. They can get their own ink or pen to mark. In fact, DIY marking cards by yourself is not a good way, because the quality is very poor. not too good. This is our company. Our technicians mark the cards with special machines to ensure they are of high quality. Labeled decks and user safety.
You can then make an invisible mark on the barcode side of the da Vinci deck of the contact lens. This is less common than the marking on the back of the lens. The markings on this side are less obvious. This is a special game. Usually, people who play cards with such borders have a special way of remembering these markings.
Third, scan the analyzer’s da Vinci deck marking barcode markers with your phone. This marking can only be detected with a scanning camera or a poker analyzer, but not at all with contact lenses or glasses.
Fourth, the back of the da Vinci card can be marked with an infrared camera, which is similar to the back of the contact lens card, with ink and contact lens marks. This infrared suit works great, but not very popular with users who want a poker room and its partners.

Invisible Ink Da Vinci Mark playing cards are here to play anytime. No matter what game you play, you can always get the perfect combination of equipment here to dominate the game. the best!

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