Juego Texas Pro Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Room

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Brand:ITA(International Tobacco Agency)
Size:Playing cards size 63 x 88 mm
Color:Black, Blue & Red
Material:100% Platsic
Index:Jumbo Index
Application:Magic show, Poker games

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Juego is a brand of ITA specializing in board games for adults, including a variety of products such as poker, chess and traditional board games. .The operation is very simple. Wearing infrared contact lenses or glasses, the marked playing cards can be seen through. Anyone can learn or master it in a few minutes.
Established in 2002, our company has been devoting itself to developing and improving technology to meet customers’ needs and requirements, using skilled technicians, advanced printing machines and special luminous inks to ensure that we can provide the best cars in Judo City.

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