2022 New Iphone 13 Pro Poker Scaning Analyzer

Items:AKK poker winner system

Analyzer Brand:A5
Phone Model:Iphone 13 Pro
Scanning Distance:25-45cm
Extra Battety:Extra replaceable battery available
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Omaha & Texas Holdem and so on
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The Iphone 13 Pro Poker Analyzer is the most advanced poker analyzer model that works with barcode marked playing cards to predict winning hands in Texas Hold’em and Omaha games.

Upgraded Poker Scanning Camera
The scanning camera of this model has also been upgraded to the latest version, which can scan card information more clearly and improve the scanning atmosphere.

Fast 5G connection
With the popularity and application of the 5th generation of Internet connection, this new analyzer is also equipped with 5G, allowing you to receive information faster and better.

Perfect phone function
Of course, compared to other models, the iphone 13 pro poker analyzer also has basic functions such as calling and sending messages, but the most important difference is that the iphone 13 analyzer has a larger storage space and you can download your favorite . It also has the highest resolution screen of any poker analyzer model. Also, the attached analyzer system is much smaller and therefore does not require attention from other users.

How Does the Iphone 13 Pro Poker Analyzer Work?

The Iphone 13 Pro Poker Analyzer has a unique matching scan camera on the right side of the phone, which can also be paired with other wireless poker cameras. The main and most important use of the camera is to scan and read marked cards. The concept After the camera reads the cards, the signal transmitter sends the cards to the analyzer, and the analysis system starts to calculate the cards and list the most likely winners, and finally the analyzer broadcasts the results. A thorough understanding of this principle of poker with the Analyzer will help you utilize this tool in your game.

Wireless cameras cannot analyze the information contained in the card concept, so using only wireless cameras such as chip tray cameras or power bank cameras cannot analyze the winning rate. You should use a poker analyzer that can analyze the data and report the results.

Don’t hesitate to get such a great device to dominate your poker game! Contact us for the latest prices and any other questions!

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