PK-King 508 Poker Analyzer All-in-one Poker Cheating Devices

Items:PK King Scanning Analyzer

Color:Black / White


Scanning Distance:20-40cm
Delivery Time:3-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick / Magic Show
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PK king is another brand of domestic poker analyzer. It is not the most expensive analyzer, but it is still very useful when playing poker games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

PK KING 508 barcode scanner comes with a local scanning camera, which can scan the marked card, directly get the barcode mark and analyze the signal information. As long as the marked card is within the scanning range, the barcode can be easily scanned until the marked card is within the distance of the local camera, and within the scanning distance of the camera of 20cm-40cm, this analyzer can be used without purchasing a wireless camera, only A card with a barcode identification and a small earphone are required for the result. Play games secretly and have fun at the poker table.

The PK KING 508 code scanner game hall provides Texas Hold’em, Omaha Four Cards, Omaha Five Cards, High Card, Flash games and other games. game.

The powerful features of the analyzer allow it to be used in magic shows, gambling, casino games, card games, private parties, entertainment and more.


material: plastic

Colour: Black

Scanning distance: 20-40cm

Width scanning range: 20cm

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