Piatnik red economy juice cards

Items:Piatnik marked playing cards

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Supply Ability:1000 Decks Per Month
Application:Poker Tricks / Magic Show
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Piatnik playing cards combine traditional knowledge with the latest technology and quality raw materials, utilizing the latest electronic and manual printers to create a first-class European product.

As a kind of Piatnik brand playing cards, Piatnik Economy plastic glossy blue cards are produced in Austria. Each pair of Piatnik Economy plastic glossy blue cards contains 55 bridge cards and is packed in a carton. These playing cards are always marked in small print on the four corners. Ink color is white.

The marked cards have long been used as cheating tools in games and magic shows. Whether you want to trick people with a poker game or put on a great magic show, use Piatnik’s economical plastic smooth blue cards. buy it. A pair of infrared contact lenses can also help you see invisible markings on cards.

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