Perspective Modiano Skat infrared cards

Items:Modiano marked poker cards

Color:Red / Blue
Size:Poker Size 3.5″ x 2.5″
Index:2 Jumbo Index
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing, Friends Gathering
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Do see-through playing cards really exist? Let me introduce to you the working principle and types of perspective playing cards. How does it work?

In fact, the principle is very simple. Clairvoyance playing cards are made of ordinary playing cards. See-through playing cards are printed with special optical invisible ink markings on the back. These markings are invisible to the naked eye. See-through contact lenses or glasses.

There are many see-through decks from popular see-through deck brands such as Modiano, Copag, Fournier, Bee, and more.

Modiano is popular with many casinos for its professional quality, Modiano Skat 100% Plastic Playing Cards is a dedicated deck for Skat games, and can also be marked as see-through playing cards Skat is a very popular card game in the United States and Germany.

-100% Plastic Skat See-Through Playing Cards

– 100% Plastic Casino Quality Playing Cards

– Suitable for all card games

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