Lucky Remote Control Dice Automatic Roller

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When it comes to remote control dice, many people will think of magnetic remote control dice and remote control dice discs, but the anti-cheating remote control dice automatic roller is also one of the good dice cheaters, and there are many ways to play dice games. Played around the world. Increase. Dice cups are an ideal accessory for most dice games because they save energy and prevent cheating in some way. Great for families and seniors who love dice games Automatic Dice Roll We also sell automatic dice rolls that roll when you press the button.

Remote control dice automatic roller technology

The Anti-Cheat Auto Dice Roller has the same look and design as the regular ones you buy in brick-and-mortar stores or online stores like Amazon, and when you don’t press the remote, it appears as a regular automatic dice roll. It’s the same every time, but if you turn on the remote, you can freely control how many dice are rolled.


The Anti-Cheat Bottom is equipped with a coil that generates a magnetic field under the control of a wireless remote switch, so this method allows users to remotely control their dice rolls. The interior is stocked with spare parts, weight and working order, and even a small accessory or two. If you look closely, it’s hard to discover the secret of this Lucky Remote Control Dice Roller.

Remote control dice automatic rolling specifications
Dice Cup Dimensions: 4″ (diameter) x 4″ (h), 2 AA batteries (not included).
1 base
Transparent transparent cover + black cover (the black cover of the transparent cover makes the dice invisible to the opponent).
3 remote control dice

Remote control dice automatic roller work
Press the red button to wind automatically.
Press the remote button.
When the dice stop rolling, release the button on the remote.

This cheat-proof remote control automatic dice roll meets all dice game requirements. Board games such as Backgammon, Yahtzee, and Settlers of Catan all require dice.

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