4 Techniques for Poker Cheating

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If anyone wants to enjoy poker, they must know how to cheat. If someone wants to enjoy poker, someone else might cheat first. Cheating in professional poker tournaments and private games in casinos and private clubs is much more common than one might think. I can not. ’ or ‘I don’t want to cheat my friends in poker. ”

However, it has far more cheats than people admit, and its cheating technology is far more advanced than people realize.

This is why many people wonder how to cheat in poker.

Poker players can use different strategies to cheat in poker games. Some methods are more aggressive than others, but all of these strategies are present throughout the game of poker. There are some useful methods for marking cards, such as to. This article describes some of the ways people may cheat to gain an unfair advantage.

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fraudulent transaction
peep or glimpse
change card
Card Marking Method

Marker Card with Infrared Contact Lenses
Cards flagged in Poker Analyzer
1. Fake transactions

Wigs are a common way for dealers to cheat when dealing cards. is correct, but sometimes the dealer deals cards one at a time, based on something only he knows, cards from hole cards or second base cards. Detecting wrong transactions is not easy. Secondary and below transactions are very common methods known to people.

However, this wig is only for the dealer. It does not apply to players who do not have a partnership with the dealer. In private games, where players take turns dealing cards, wigs may be useful.

2. Peeping or cheating

Peeking and glancing is not easy to do in a casino, and it doesn’t seem like a very serious form of cheating because it makes players look unprofessional. .

Peeking at the top and bottom cards of your opponent’s cards or deck may seem easy, but it’s actually very difficult. An unknown professional dealer cannot peek at the cards at all. On the other hand, many players defended their cards well.

So peeps and glances are practical methods of magic that simply don’t work in poker.

3. Change the card

Compared with the above two methods, the card replacement method seems more personalized, does not require the help of the dealer, and will not conflict with other players, but the card replacement equipment such as mobile phones and wallets is very helpful.

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Card swapping is one of the most traditional ways of cheating in poker. For example, a player gets an ace from a pocket, sleeve or other place, exchanging a card in his hand for a double king in his own game. With a calling card exchanger, it may be easier to change cards when no one else is around.

And finally the card marking method

According to Wikipedia, “Card marking is the process of altering a playing card in a way that is apparent only to the marker or accomplice, such as bending the card or adding visible markings.”, Beading or knife cutting may have visible markings. Either acupuncture, or writing with a pen, finger marking, or machine printed invisible ink marking.

Invisible ink marked decks are one of the most useful and practical markers for poker cheating. I would like to give a detailed look at invisible ink marked decks, including decks with markers for use with telephone poker analyzers. These high Quality marked decks are always marked with a state of the art card marking machine.

Marker Card with Infrared Contact Lenses

Cards marked with invisible ink, used in conjunction with infrared contact lenses, are one of the most popular products in poker cheating. As long as you can with your own deck of cards. Playing cards can be marked with different models, and most of them can display numbers and suits at the same time. So, with the help of infrared sunglasses or covert contact lenses, it’s easy to tell that each card has an invisible marker on it by suit and number.

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