Iphone 6 poker cheating devices to scan edge barcode cards

Items:Smart phone barcode cards scanner

Color:Black / Silver / Gold


Scanning Distance:8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm
Frequency:AKK & CVK & PK
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing


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Knowing that iphone is famous for its advanced technology and high quality, we manufacture iphone 6 texas hold’em scanner to provide high quality enjoyment to our customers.

This iPhone 6 poker cheat scanner has all the functions of a real iPhone, such as making calls, sending text messages and surfing the Internet. The transmitter is inside. Yes, you are right. A barcode tag reader is hidden inside the phone, scanning the tag on the edge of the stealth code cheat card, so from the looks of this iPhone 6, anyone can access the side bar without opening the case. You can see the code reader.

The scanning distance of this iPhone 6 Texas Hold’em Scanner is 10cm to 50cm, but at this scanning distance, it will be segmented according to the installation position.

The barcode fraud camera supports the power supply of the mobile phone itself, and there is no need to purchase additional batteries for the fraud scanner. The iPhone has built-in poker prediction software. Want to get rich quick, only mobile phones increase it.

Sound good? give it a try.

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