Smart Wristband Watches Poker Camera Work With PK Poker Analyzer

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Scanning Distance10-20cm, 20-30cm, 40-60cm
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Supply Ability:1000 Pics Per Month
Application:Poker Trick Shows / Magic Show
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Many people believe that flagged card scammers are common, notoriously unsafe to use, safe for others, and unattractive. Here we would like to introduce one of them to you. We bring you the newest cheat tool, sports bracelet poker camera scanner.

This new poker scanning camera is small, well-crafted, and beautifully designed inside, making it a secret poker scanner switcher when playing poker games. Poker Hand Analyzer, CVK Poker Analyzer, PK King Poker Analyzer, AKK Poker Analyzer full of this motion processing function plays a role in scanning barcode marked cards to scan invisible ink card information. iPhone Poker Analyzer and more.

Seriously, the best poker analyzer device to use with a sports smart wristband is the AKK Poker Analyzer (as do many other poker scanners). Compared with other poker analysis software, AKK poker analysis system runs more stably and is worth recommending. Cards with markings contribute to the validity and accuracy of predicting game outcomes, even when scanned at a very oblique angle (other cards do not).

With this stylish GS KTZ Smart Sports Smart Watch Poker Scanner Camera, poker analyzer owners can place their analyzer device on the poker table to notify other players or others using the same device. You don’t have to make users aware of this. Using an ingenious little poker camera lens with an internal view to covertly read barcode-marked playing cards, it sends the most valid barcode data to the poker analyzer program center to calculate the results.

Activity tracker wristband features include (but are not limited to):

High Compatibility of Poker Scanner Camera

The Smart Sports Wristband Poker Camera is compatible with all versions of Poker Analyzer, CVK Poker Analyzer, PK King Poker Analyzer, AKK Poker Analyzer software, etc.

Trump scanning camera is safe and stylish

The strap of the wristband is made of non-toxic silicone, which provides an optimal fit and high security for your device. The well-designed appearance and intuitive and simple APP UI create a unique elegant aesthetic, providing comfort, ease of use and practicality.

The Versatility and Innovation of Poker Camera Lenses

With daily use and time reminder, you can use it as an ordinary smart bracelet. If you play poker, the secret is to control the switch of the poker camera and scan the poker with the barcode marking button. The developed motion provides versatility and practicality to a stylish scanner.

Poker Hole Camera Durability

Wristband poker scanners are built to last. In addition, there are some spare rechargeable batteries available for replacement.

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