High-quality Bicycle 808 Cheating Marked Cards with Invisible Ink Mark

Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Available Color:red & blue
Size:poker size
Index:standard index

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Manufactured by the American Playing Card Company in 1881, Bicycle Cards have become the most popular brand of playing cards in the world. Every deck is included.
Any playing card can be made into an invisible ink liar card, but a high-quality bicycle 808 can do it perfectly. These smooth playing cards are plastic coated. The inside of the card is not visible. normal status. Because they can be revealed in the correct color spectrum, they are good props for magician’s performances. To read them clearly in everyday situations, you need a special glow-in-the-dark reader, like UV contact lenses or sunglasses.
High quality Bicycle 808 Cheat Marks cards with invisible ink markings are perfect for collectors and card lovers alike. The most famous art of cheating.

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