Fournier Poker Vision contact marked cards

Items:Fournier marked deck

Color:Red / Blue

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size
Supply Ability:1000 Decks Per Month
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

Application:Magic Show / Home Playing


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The Fournier brand is a well-known poker brand. Made in Spain, it is very popular among European poker fans. People play for fun all the time. To make your game even more fun, we produce cards with the Fournier Poker Vision Mark on them.

Fournier Poker Vision cards, like all Fournier cards, are standard playing card sized 100% plastic decks with two peek indices large and small. When you wear infrared contact lenses and sunglasses, the invisible markings on the red card will glow and be seen on the card.

You can buy cards with the Fournier Poker Vision logo to enjoy the game, or give them as gifts to friends and family. I don’t think anyone would say no to such an attractive and awesome novelty poker device.

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