Dal Negro Napoletane N.82 Plasticized Cheating Cards

Items:Dal Negro marked juice cards


Material:100% plastic

Size:Bridge size

Number of cards:40 per deck

Application:Poker Games & Magic Tricks

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To ensure a great customer experience, we import 100% original Dal Negro Napoletane N. 82 playing cards in a treated invisible ink marked deck. Not a Solitaire Marking Deck Marking Solitaire wearing contact lenses or infrared sunglasses will display invisible markings on the back of the card, including card value and card suit.

We have professional marked card repacking equipment that allows customers to open a marked deck of cards in front of other players. Packages of marked playing cards are airtight and wrapped in plastic.

The Dal Negro Napoletane N.82 deck is an authentic Italian playing deck containing 40 cards (4 suits from 1 to 7 and 3 face cards). ) and Fante (Infantry) play Italian poker, giving players a wonderful historical perspective on this great nation.

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