PK Analyzer To Predict The Normal Pai Gow

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Application:Pai Gow Games / Magic Show
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When it comes to Pai Gow games, what players pursue is victory. As a professional manufacturer of entertainment products, our company is committed to developing and selling various game skill tools for various entertainment games such as Pai Gow games.

Here I would like to introduce a professional Pai Gow analyzer software, which can scan and analyze unmarked Pai Gow cards, and predict accurate game results quickly and accurately.

Unlike Pai Gow’s contact lenses that can detect invisible ink marks on infrared contact lenses and luminous ink glasses, and barcode poker analyzers marked with Pai Gow’s invisible barcode cards, this omnipotent does not need to cooperate with special Pai Gow cards. It benefits from the professional advanced image recognition technology of the Pai Gow scanner camera system, which can capture the image of each scrambled Pai Gow front pattern. i will catch

With this advanced Pai Gow analysis system, you don’t have to worry about others checking your marked Pai Gow for secrets. Everything is original and very safe.

How can I use the Pai Gow Analyzer to gain an advantage in the game?

To use this accurate analyzer system to understand the results of a Pai Gow game on your mobile phone, you will need mini earbuds, a poker camera scanner with different scan distance ranges (if you are a dealer and allow you to put your phone on it (if if any) ) must be manipulated. The hidden playing card scanner built into the table can meet your needs. No need to use external Pai Gow scanning camera).

When the deck is shuffled and ready to be dealt,

Hidden Poker Camera Scanner scans and captures images of all cards and sends them to a regular Pai Gow Analyzer phone.
With accurate and advanced image recognition technology, the sophisticated analysis software device in the poker analysis system will analyze and calculate accurate game results within 1 second according to the game scale you set after receiving the image signal.
There are 3 ways to receive game results: (1) via mini earphones (2) via vibrator. This is mainly due to the different vibration frequencies of the vibrators. If No. 1 and No. 2 are No. 2 and No. 4, the pattern that the vibrator of No. 2 vibrates first, and then the vibrator of No. 4 vibrates. You can see the winner in digital format on your phone screen. If the top and second winners are 4 and 5, we know that the second minute is 4 and the second second is 5.

If this is your first time using this suit, please practice before using it in real games.

Why buy Pai Gow analyzer software from GS?

In order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction while providing the best service and highest integrity due to the professional quality of our products when purchasing Pai Gow tiles with bright ink markings, it can be approached

As a leading manufacturer of entertainment products in China, we have developed a variety of marked Pai Gow cards handled by the latest technology and professional technicians. If you are a fan of the Pai Gow game, I hope we win – win with our cooperation.

The complete Pai Gow analyzer system includes:

Analysis System (Phone)
mini bluetooth earbuds
2 rechargeable batteries

Language: Chinese, English

If you have any questions about this Pai Gow analyzer kit and want to know more information, please contact our professional sales staff.

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