Chip Tray Barcode Marked Cards Scanning Camera

Items:Auto-scanning marked cards reader

Material:ABS Plastic
Scanning Distance:8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm
Work With:Poker Analyzer, Barcode Marked Deck
Model:100 Chips, 350 Chips, 500 Chips
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The Poker Chip Tray Barcode Card Scanner looks just like a regular chip tray, but has an advanced scanning camera lens that scans playing cards for special poker cheats.

These chip trays with scanner cameras are usually made of black ABS plastic with a generic look.

How to use chip tray barcode card scanning camera

To get the most out of your chip tray scanner, you should have a complete poker scanning system including your poker analyzer phone, barcode marked cards and this scanner camera.

In this system, a chip tray camera scans a barcoded deck of cards and sends the signal data to a mobile phone analyzer, which ultimately reports the game result to the user. You can choose to get game results or view results directly from your phone screen.

We have an inquiry from you, you want to buy a chip tray or a watch scanner analyzer, but you don’t need a cell phone. The project should work as a complete system, like a wireless camera to scan cards on a phone.

And for the poker chip tray camera, you can choose or customize your own camera according to your needs.

A. 500 Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera

500 Chip Rack Scan Camera can very stably scan playing cards with barcode marks, used in poker scanning system, can report game results for users. This poker scanning camera is mounted on the poker table where it sits in the black chip tray. This camera is for poker dealers.

B. 350 chip tray with HD camera

The 350 HD Camera Chip Tray Scanner improves on the original poker cheating chip box camera design. Scanning invisible barcode marks is faster and more accurate. Going a step further by installing cameras you can also choose to scan marked decks at the poker table or in the hands of the dealer.

C. 100 Chip Tray Case Cheat Scanner

Unlike the other sizes, this 100 chip tray is available in white and black for poker scanning cameras, which may be more popular with customers. The use of playing cards in a poker room is more flexible than at a dealer poker table.

We are experts in offering such poker scams and you will always find the best one here. Chip Tray Scanner Camera, For premium service and other products, please feel free to contact us!

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