Bonus Invisible Ink Poker Cheat Cards for IR Contact Lenses

Items:Other brands juice deck


Color:Red, Black


Size:Poker size

Face:2 Regular index

Content:55 playing cards(include three jokers)

Application:Poker tricks, Magic

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Bonus poker cards are American poker cards. Bonus, Bee and Bicycle are all from USPCC, but Bonus poker cards are not as widely used in many countries as Bee and Bicycle. Bonus poker cards have many series. Different series of Bonus Cards have different backs, some series are flowers, some are animals.

The bonus cards are treated with invisible ink so the markings are invisible to the naked eye. It is mainly marked in large fonts on the corners of the back of the bonus playing cards, and some special symbols are used to distinguish them. Representing suits Infrared contact lenses are required to discover the secrets of the bonus invisible ink poker cheating cards. Luminous markings can only be clearly detected while wearing this device.

If you don’t like the marking methods we offer, you can customize your own bonus marking playing cards.

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