Backside Bee juice cheating playing cards

Items:Bee luminous marked cards

Color:Red / Blue


Size:Poker Size Regular Index

Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games


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The honeycomb cards with bees on the back are designed in two colors, the red card group and the blue card group. I don’t know if there is anything.

Let me discuss this issue below. Different playing cards have different effects after processing. The color of playing cards is one of the most important factors. The red color on the back of playing cards is easy to mark, and the effect is generally clearer. OK, but blue playing cards are a big problem for some vendors and are hard to mark. You can easily achieve crisp results. Whether it is a red or blue card, the bee card can be perfectly marked on the upper back.

For the red trick deck, you can not only mark a large mark in the center, but also mark small marks in the four corners, because the red marked deck is easy to mark, choose a clear and large middle mark.

So when buying marked cards, you can choose the mark according to the color of the playing cards.

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