AKK K2 best poker hand analyzer

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Product NamePoker Analyzer


Available Color:Black & White

Scanning Distance:20-30cm,35-40cm

Application:Casino Poker Games& Magic Shows

Deliver Time:3-5 working days

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Akk K2 Iphone Poker Analyzer is a dedicated analyzer CPU in poker scanning system. Also called K20 Iphone Analyzer. Akk K2 Iphone Poker Analyzer is a turning point in the history of poker analyzers, changing the way of thinking about making poker analyzers.

K2 Analyzer used to be a trend in analyzers. It’s on the cover of a knock-off Iphone 4 that looks pretty much the same. People, especially young people, love it so much, it’s easy to put it on the table to hear the final result. Comparison Compared with the previous MDA and V68 poker analyzers, the performance of the Iphone 4 analyzer is much better, and the battery support time is also longer.

The K2 analyzer is used in conjunction with the wireless scanning camera, which reacts and reports the results immediately after the poker camera scans the sign.

The K2 analyzer is available in black and white, so you can choose your favorite.

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