T-shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera Lens

Items:Clothes barcode poker cards camera

Matched Analyzer:All poker analyzers including AKK, CVK,  PK  or LD analyzers

Material: Clothes with Plastic and metal

Scanning Distance:30-60cm

Delivery Time:2-4 Working Days

Application:Omaha & Texas Holdem Poker & Baccarat&Blackjack

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T-Shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera Lens is the perfect everyday item with a spy scanning camera lens for casinos and other poker rooms.

Casino rules are getting stricter and stricter. In many poker games, mobile phones, charging treasures and other irrelevant items are not allowed to be used as dynamic camera shots on the gaming table. It looks like it will dissipate.

The T-shirt Scan Dynamic Lens is a wearable scanner that perfectly defines what a spy camera is. One of the T-shirt scanning lenses is very wide, which greatly meets people’s requirements for distance.

How does the dynamic camera of the T-shirt poker scanner realize its function? Technology is advancing and products need to be upgraded. Regardless of whether the barcode is a poker card or a waving station, we put this dynamic camera in the middle of the T-shirt and increase the scanning distance. Ordinary lenses have a scanning distance of 20-30cm, but this lens provides a wider range. The scanning length reaches 60cm, and the scanning width reaches 35-65cm. The wide dynamic scanning lens is very useful for poker players.

The world is moving forward, and our products are always innovating. Safe and efficient dynamic t-shirt scanner can be of great help in your poker cheating system with our poker winner analyzer. If you want to know more about T- shirt poker cameras, please feel free to contact us or place an order!

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