Professional Loaded Dice

Items:Loaded dice

Variants:Cube, Polyhedral, D6, D20
Color:White & Transparent & Red
Size:10mm – 18mm
Weighted Numbers:Customized
Application:Dice Games & Magic Shows
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Playing a dice game like 6+6, players always want to get the expected points, but what should they do? Why do you always roll a 6? You need to buy professional road dice to get it!

Sometimes good luck and bad luck. Professional loaded dice help players maximize a certain number of points. Weighted to increase the probability of the outcome.

Loaded dice sets for sale

Here we would like to introduce you the most professional road dice. Our factory has various high quality road dice, such as 7-11 casino custom road dice, loaded bike trick dice, Las Vegas transparent weighted dice and so on. it is sold. Please feel free to contact us for a set of loaded dice such as loaded polyhedral dice, best loaded D20 dice.

How do loaded dice work?

How are professional road dice made? Our technical road dice are taken from two premium dice and then recombined into the same size dice as the original two, dice that land the user in a certain direction. Dice are made by adding something to the number opposite a particular number to increase the weight of the side of the point, so in the game gravity forces the side to add weight, will face down, and the specific number is face up by the user, up to The purpose of increasing the appearance of specific numbers in the game, if something is added to the 4th side, that is, the opposite side, the number of times the 3rd side will appear when scrolling.

Custom Weighted Dice

Weighted dice are also known as road dice, gravity dice, and fixed number dice. Weighted dice can be customized according to your needs. Dice with one specific number or two or three numbers of a specific skill can produce equal probability of different numbers from dice with two or three numbers, thereby reducing the risk of suspicion if only one number is rolled repeatedly. , 456, and only two numbers, 3 and 4, cannot be 256 because they are inverses. Neither 2 nor 5 can be because they are inverses, so neither can 25 as long as it contains 16. officially recognized.

Worried about being found full of dice?

don’t worry! Professional road dice have the same design as regular casino dice. We only changed the details of the dice, we didn’t change the original look, size or weight of the dice. We process 2 parts and 2 molds from each dice, and use special means to splice the two parts together, but you can rest assured that the seams are absolutely invisible from the outside. please give me.

When buying or customizing dice, it’s a good idea to acquire and use regular clean matching dice from time to time.

We believe that you will have a satisfactory gaming experience after using our products!

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