Plastic marked Bicycle cards

Items:Marked Bicycle cards

Color:Red / Blue

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size

Marking:UV / IR

Application:Magic Show


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Magic shows are cool. Because very few viewers know the secret. Especially in a poker show, the magician can change the scene very quickly and guess the number of cards from the back of the deck. Not a prophet, but some magic can help.

Marked magic playing cards are a handy magic tool often used in magic shows. Among all the cards that can be used for magic shows, Marked Bicycle Cards is a well-known brand of playing cards.

Now many people watch magic shows to relax, and marked magic playing cards are also very popular among magicians, so our company provides a lot of marked magic playing cards. Of course, plastic cards bearing the bike logo are also available in US dollars. Invisible markings glow when you wear marked playing card contact lenses. Seeing the markings on the back of your plastic marked bike card makes it easier to do magic tricks and win races. Knowing someone else’s card count, we recommend buying plastic marked bicycle playing cards from us.

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