Fournier WSOP infrared invisible ink markings cards

Items:Fournier marked deck

Color:Red / Blue

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size

Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games


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Playing cards can be found in many places, of all the playing cards in the world, different people use different brands in different places and different disciplines, such as magicians, they like to use marked magic cards with invisible ink markings them. They can be seen through contact lenses, so if you have GS marked playing cards, you can practice too. You can be a magician.

Among all our playing cards, we would like to introduce a deck featuring the Fournier WSOP logo. Fournier WSOP playing cards are specially designed for the World Series of Poker, of course many popular playing cards can also be used in poker games, like a magic show. The Fournier WSOP Marked Card is the latest marked card from the Fournier brand. Both markers and invisible markers are high quality and I promise they won’t disappoint you.

You will also need to purchase contact lenses to see the markings on decks with the Fournier WSOP logo. Because these traces are insignificant to the naked eye. If you want to try new decks of poker or whatever, leave it alone.

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