What is Marked Cards Contact Lenses?

Marked cards are contact lenses that enable people to see luminous marks on playing cards. These lenses can be used for magic cards and other games in which the back numbers or suits are visible to the wearer. The marked contact lenses are more private than other cheating tools. You can wear them during the game without anyone knowing. They are also comfortable and don’t alter your eye color.

There are different types of contact lenses on the market. Some are soft and others are hard. Choosing the correct one depends on what you prefer and the game that you want. Soft contacts work best for beginners because they are more comfortable, easier to clean, and have a better fit. Hard contacts are best for those with dry eyes as they are durable and do not move around.

You should match the color of your eyes when choosing a contact lens to play cards. For example, if you have blue or green eyes, the best choice would be to get a contact lens with a yellowish hue. This will make your eyes appear brighter, and won’t affect the color of cards.

Another important thing to consider when buying contact lenses for marked cards is the clarity. This is because the color of the contact lens affects how clearly you can read the marks on the cards. The better the quality of the contact lenses, the more clear you will be able to read the marks.

You should also ensure that the contact lenses have a low content of moisture to ensure comfort. The best way to test this is by putting the contact lens in pure water and observing how the liquid reacts with it. If there is a lot of liquid left on the contact lens, it may cause irritation to your eyes. The contact lens should also have a higher oxygen permeability. This will make it more comfortable to wear.

The most popular type of contact lenses for marking cards are the IR contact lenses, which work by reflecting infrared light onto the backs of the cards. This allows you to see the invisible luminous marks on the backs of the cards, which makes them a great tool for magic and poker cheating. The IR contact lens is also a great way to read barcode marked cards. Although they are more costly than traditional contact lens, they are well worth the investment as they will help you to win more games. These lenses are also more convenient to use than other cheating devices such as laser marked cards.