What is an Ultimate Marked Deck?

What is the ultimate marked deck?

A deck called an ultimate marked deck has been specifically designed to be used in card magic. The ideal deck must be as easy-to-read as possible, without any obvious markings. It should look normal, so it’s not easy to be misinterpreted by the audience.

1. It should have a reader system

When it comes to the choice of a marked deck, most professional magicians will choose to buy a deck that is factory-produced and that uses a reader system. This allows you to focus on your magic, while your audience is still paying attention.

2. It should have sufficient size markings

When you are trying to catch glimpses of the markings while performing magic, it is essential that you can see them easily at a glance. It is also important to have them large enough that it is easy to read if needed.

3. It should disguise the markings sufficiently

The design of the cardback is an important consideration when selecting a marked deck. The card back’s design is crucial as it will be where the markings are visible to spectators when the deck is displayed face up in a spread or fan and when the cards are stored in a display case.

It should also be able conceal the markings efficiently so that they are only noticeable by a very keen observer who is willingly to spend time studying them.

4. It should have markings at the long edges

The most common way to display a deck is face-down in a spread or fan, so it is essential that the markings are on the long edges of the card backs. This allows for you to see the markings on the deck while it is being displayed. Also, it makes it easier to identify the identity of any card within a spread/fan.

5. It should use the Bicycle Rider back design

The Rider Back, the most iconic and well-known marked deck design, has been a USPCC favorite for over 135 years. However, the design has been threatened by the USPCC’s recent restriction on the number marking decks that can printed on their Bicycle brand.

This has meant that most marked decks on the market today are either Maiden Back or Mandolin Back designs. These are both very good choices, and the best option for any new magician looking to get a Bicycle-branded marked deck in their hands.

There are some great marked decks on the market that use a combination of these three key characteristics, such as the Ultimate Marked Deck from Magic Dream. This deck is extremely popular and highly desired. It has now been reprinted.