Marked Playing Cards Glasses

In poker gambling, marked playing cards glasses are used to detect luminous ink marks on the back of the card. The glasses are specially designed to look like normal sunglasses. These glasses are ideal for a wide range of situations including poker tournaments and magician performances. They are also very comfortable to wear.

In the past, cheaters in poker would bend and crimp cards. These methods are still common, but they can be easily spotted by other players. Other subtler methods of marking cards are tinting or shading techniques. These methods utilize a tint solution to mark cards, and the marking patterns vary according to the card-back designs. This method is much more subtle than juice or luminous techniques, and it eliminates the need to switch in a pre-marked deck of cards.

A final way to mark cards is through a special paste called a daub. This is a small blob of a special chemical that can be applied to the back of a card on-the-fly during a game. This is done as the card is played, eliminating the need to change out a deck of pre-marked cards. These are the most complex methods, but they take more practice and skill to master. If a player is able to master these skills, he or she will be able beat the competition and earn a lot of cash.