Marked Cards Glasses

Card marking glasses are gambling cheating devices that can be used to read marked playing cards. The secret is in the special lenses, which are made of safe materials and can filter out visible light so that you can see invisible ink marks on the backs of the marked cards. There are several different types of marked cards glasses, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Some are a bit more sophisticated than others, but all of them can help you play poker with greater ease.

The most popular card marking glasses are the perspective sunglasses. They look like regular sunglasses, but they contain a hidden lens that can detect luminous markings on the backs. This type of gambling sunglasses allows you to see the secret numbers on the marked cards even from afar. This is an excellent tool for those who want to win at poker.

Another popular card marking device is the IR sunglasses, which also have a red decoder built into them. This is an excellent way to read the invisible marks on the backs of cards. It can also be used in magic performances. These IR glasses can be worn in place of regular sunglasses, and they are easy to carry and comfortable to wear. These glasses can be used to see any color playing card. They are perfect for poker games and magic shows.