Ludo Remote Controller Dice APK

Ludo remote controller dice APK is a modified game that allows you to control the results of the dice. This trick gives you a chance to win every game of Ludo, as well as other board games like Snakes and Ladders, Carrom, and Chess. This mod is available on Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free. This article will tell you everything about this mod. We’ll explain how to download it and how it works.

There are a few ways to cheat when playing dice, but the best is using a remote control. This device allows you to know the number that will result, so you can get the dice pips that you want. It has a three dimensional rhombohedron inside that makes it even more unique.

The device is called remote control dice set and includes dice, a wireless controller, and a board for remote control. The remote control boards contain copper coils that create magnetic fields when you use your remote. This magnetic field is strong enough to show the numbers that you want. This device can be used with two different numbers and can be made into a transparent or an opaque die. The positive and negative electrodes of the die are usually placed on opposite sides, so that they can be used for 1 and 6, 2, and 5, or 3 & 4.

The perspective camera in this device is hidden in the dice bowl or dices cup. It is difficult to detect because it looks like a normal dice cup. You can still see the position of the dice when you use it to play a game.