Invisible Ink Clear Glasses

Invisible ink glasses are sunglasses that can be used to read invisible UV markings on the back of invisible marked cards. These luminous ink glasses are of high quality and look like normal sunglasses. People will not be able tell the difference when wearing them. They can easily detect invisible markings for playing cards under various kinds of lights, allowing players to win the game.

A invisible mark card reader is one of the most popular poker tools among magicians and players alike, especially when they are performing magic tricks. These invisible ink lenses for reading marked cards instantly help the magician read the invisible uv markings on the card to reveal its secrets. It is also a great tool for players who want cheat at their games to win more money.

Besides revealing invisible marks for cards, invisible ink clear glasses are very helpful for poker players to protect their eyes against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These sunglasses can also be used to hide a player’s mood, preventing his opponent from knowing what he is thinking and feeling during the game.

In our online poker shop, we offer a wide range of clear glasses with invisible ink. They work the same as invisible ink contacts. These sunglasses are available to everyone and will help you see the markings clearly on each deck, whether it’s day or night, black or white light, indoors, or outdoors.