Infrared Contact Lenses Poker CVK 680 Device

Infrared contact lenses poker cvk 680 device is the best and newest poker analyzing app in 2020, it works in an extremely wide range of environments such as indoors or outdoors. It can read marked cards with 100% accuracy from any angle and has a fast scanning speed. It can also work in strong sunshine and has a high scan distance.

IR contact lenses are used to see invisible ink marks, also known as cheating marks, on playing cards. They are used to win poker games by knowing your opponent’s hole card.

There are several types of marked cards that can be used to cheat, but contact lens marked card is the most common. These marked cards enable you to see both the value and the suit of a particular card without having to actually touch it.

There are other devices, such as IR contact lenses and gambling and cheating devices, that can be used to secretly see your opponent’s cards. These devices include an analyzer camera, a deck barcode-marked playing cards, and a remote control.

CVK680 IPhone 8 Plus Poker Winner Predictor

CVK680 is a poker analyzer for Texas Holdem, Omaha, and BlackJack. It is a one-stop poker analyzer, which includes an analyzing camera and a poker scan system. It can scan at distances of 20-40cm or 25-45cm.

This poker analyzer is compatible with more than a few poker games including Texas Holdem and Omaha. It also supports Blackjack, as well as other poker games. It is more accurate and comprehensive than AKK A1,CVK400, or CVK500. It can be used to analyze different languages such as English and German.

Besides poker, you can also use this device to spy on other people, such as friends and family. It’s also a great tool to spy on your enemy and learn their secrets.

The Poker Analyzer with a Sleeve Camera

The poker analyzer sleeve camera is made to look like any other shirt, so it won’t be noticed by the player’s opponent. It can be worn under any clothing such as a t-shirt or jacket.

It also has a long wireless transmission distance, which is about 60cm. It can be worn comfortably for 3 hours, and it works on rechargeable batteries.

How to Choose the Quality of Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contacts are a powerful tool for cheating at poker. However, you should make sure that the lenses you choose are comfortable and safe. Infrared lenses’ moisture content is a major factor in determining your comfort. Infrared contacts with low moisture contents are better than other lenses, as they can reduce your eye ache and make you more comfortable.

How to wear Infrared Contact lenses

The first step to using infrared contacts is to adjust the colour of your IR lenses. It is crucial to find the correct color because different shades have different effects. When wearing IR lenses for the first time it is best to choose a light colored lens. Your eyes may need some time to adjust.