Glass That Can See Invisible Ink

There are many methods for making invisible ink visible, but some of the most popular include soap water, heat, reaction with phenolphthalein, and viewing under ultraviolet light. These invisible inks can also be printed onto various surfaces, such as paper and cards, and can often be seen with special glasses. Some of these glasses are available in novelty stores, while others can be found online. These glasses are sometimes called invisible ink reading lenses, marked cards readers, or poker sunglasses.

Glass is used in a wide range of products, such as drinkware, foodservice equipment, and construction materials. When it comes to decorating these items, there are several different techniques that can be used, including printed decals, screen printing, pad printing, and UV digital printing. The latter is an innovative process that provides quick and professional results.

UV digital printing is a great way to decorate glass, and it can be done on a variety of different surfaces. It is important that the glass be primed before applying the ink. Applying a UV adhesion promoter will help. This primer, which is available from Boston Industrial Solutions, works well with all types of glass.

Glass that can see invisible ink is a great tool for magic playing card tricks, because it can help you to see the hidden backside secret marks on the decks of marked cards. These glasses are clear and can be worn as you play cards. They will not disturb your opponent. They can be used both in bright and dark environments, and they will look the same as regular sunglasses.